blood pressure

  • the pressure of the circulating blood against the walls of the blood vessels; results from the systole of the left ventricle of the heart; sometimes measured for a quick evaluation of a person’s health; “adult blood pressure is considered normal at 120/80 where the first number is the systolic
  • The hydrostatic force that blood exerts against the wall of a vessel.
  • The pressure of the blood in the circulatory system, often measured for diagnosis since it is closely related to the force and rate of the heartbeat and the diameter and elasticity of the arterial walls
  • The following is an episode list for the MTV animated television series Beavis and Butt-head. The series has its roots in 1992 when Mike Judge created two animated shorts – “Frog Baseball” and “Peace, Love & Understanding” – which were later aired on Liquid Television.

    health concern

  • (Health Concerns) The freezing process tends to degrade the taste of food, and the meals are thus heavily processed with extra salt and fat to compensate.
  • Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern (often known by the shorter name Health Concern) is a political party based in Kidderminster, United Kingdom.
  • (Health concerns) 1. Bleaching – Many women object to the chlorine bleaching of disposable menstrual products, which leaves trace amounts of dioxin, a carcinogen, in them. 2. Scents and deodorizers – Chemical scents and deodorizers can cause rashes, irritation, and allergic reactions.


  • greater than normal in degree or intensity or amount; “a high temperature”; “a high price”; “the high point of his career”; “high risks”; “has high hopes”; “the river is high”; “he has a high opinion of himself”
  • (after a measurement and in questions) Measuring a specified distance from top to bottom
  • Of great vertical extent
  • at a great altitude; “he climbed high on the ladder”
  • Far above ground, sea level, or another point of reference
  • a lofty level or position or degree; “summer temperatures reached an all-time high”

why is high blood pressure a health concern

253/365 :: A Year Without You

253/365 :: A Year Without You

Today marks a year.

At exactly 1043 pm on Jan 9th 2009, my father passed away.


I was at E-loan on the 9th of January, 2009. I stopped by to drop off my papers to be released since the company laid me off and shut down the company in October. I also said hello and farewell to my co-workers as they’ve not seen me since Christmas. No one really knew for sure what has happened to me since I’ve not really told anyone. I got a call at 1245pm from my sister asking me frantically where I was.

"Ate, you have to come to dad. Go there now! Dad’s pulse is really faint." I quickly ran out of the potluck I was in and tried to call an elevator. Why is it when you desperately need to be somewhere, the Universe tends to be slower? The elevator seemed forever to get to me. I was crying while my coworkers offered to drive me to Berkeley. Again, the Universe was against me as no one knew how to drive a manual car. I ended up driving myself but JP was with me to keep me company. He thinks I was in no condition to drive.

When I got to the 6th floor, Lani told me that dad was really bad. The machines were the only things that was keeping him alive. We knew then that dad was slowly saying goodbye. At around 9pm, we had to accompany my mom to the ER because her right side was numb and heavy (she’s suffered a stroke before) and her blood pressure was really high. We were all concerned for my mom at this time, while my father was struggling on the 6th floor. Being in that room was hell – my father’s situation, the wait, the odd and ghetto people. I felt even more helpless as my family was faced with another dilemma. Thanks to God, after awhile, my mother felt better.

Close to 1030pm, Nina tells us to come up right away – dad was slipping away. Mom, Lani, Auntie Nellie, Ate Peachy and I rushed to go to the 6th Floor. We even bumped into his doctor for the night "Hurry. You must get to him." Mom insisted to walk instead of being wheel chaired in. When we got to the door, I saw Ate Candy and Nina’s tears..their pain said it all: my father just passed away. It didn’t fully hit me till then (when I looked up to see that his heart rate read the number zero) and the next coming days.

My mother hardly cries. I’ve only seen it a few times in my life: when my grandmother’s health was ailing (and she needed to fly to Manila right away) and my father’s hospitalization/passing. As for myself, I cry a lot. (As those close to me know, it doesn’t take much to make me cry anyway).The void I feel is too much to bear. When people say "Be strong", I don’t exactly know what that means. What I do know for sure is that life must go on.

I love you dad. May you rest in peace.

"Health Concerns in the Wake of Oil"

"Health Concerns in the Wake of Oil"
State Epidemiologist Paul Byers spoke on what has been done to test for health effects in Mississippi at this point.